When MC Hammer announced that he would be releasing a diss track aimed at Jay-Z, many questioned whether he would actually go through with it. If the multi-platinum Rap veteran’s Tweets are any indicator, it appears that he has done just that.

Hammer, who found his greatest success at Capitol Records before signing with Death Row Records in the mid-1990s, left no doubt that he was referring the Jay-Z diss track, as he Retweeted several fans’ reactions. “@MCHammer the jay z explanation was great. I never put 2n2 together. I think you opened a lot of peoples eyes. Peace brother,” messaged one fan.

In West Oakland knockin’ this #BetterRunRun … Streets loving’ it!!! #KingHammerless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

One listener of the song, which Hammer has yet to post online, indicated that he or she was no longer a fan of Jay-Z, and several others thanked the “Can’t Touch This” emcee for supposedly revealing Jay-Z’s true nature.

As for the reason the song has yet to hit the Internet? “I had to make sure it’s tight. It’s almost ready. I’m in the editing room.”

More on this as it develops.