MC Hammer’s financial troubles have been well-documented. In 1996 he told Jet magazine about amassing over $13.7 million in debt, with an $100,000 interior decorating bill among his expenses. Friday, the former chart-topping rapper took offense to Jay-Z’s quote on the song “So Appalled” launching a series of responses via his Twitter account over the weekend.

Let me mess you #HellBoy (Jigga) Stans high up… What verse you gone put in front of me ? #Demonsless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

Hammer referred to Jay-Z as “jay-hoe” and incorporated the Twitter practice of using a hash-tag by calling Jay “Hellboy” in attempts to make his beef a trending topic. The line which caused Hammer to get so upset, referred to Hammer admitting losing $30 million on his 200 person payroll:

“Show me where the boats is / Ferrari Testarosas / And Hammer went broke / So you know I’m more focused / I lost 30 mil so I spent another 30 / ‘Cause unlike Hammer 30 million can’t hurt me…”

@kanyewest jay-hoe aka #HellBoy Tell Jay Oct 31 (Devils Nite) We’ll see if this record and video”Hurt’s Him” .. #IamHammerless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPad

Hammer took no offense at this summer’s collaboration between Rick Ross and Gucci Mane, where Ross rapped, “I got 30 cars / Whole lotta dancers / I take ’em everywhere / I’m MC Hammer.”

So Hammer will return to the studio to respond to Jay-Z in rhyme form, earmarking October 31 as his target date. His choosing Halloween as his response date and the Hellboy hash-tag are likely references to allegations that Jay-Z has some association with the occult.