Too Short and E-40 shared over 10 years as Jive labelmates, and while they had their share of collaborations, some fans always wondered why there weren’t more group efforts from the Bay Area pair. According to Too Short, the same label that brought them together also wanted to keep them apart.

“For years and years me and E-40 have been friends—before we both signed to Jive, during the entire time we both signed to Jive, and we still remain friends to this day,” Short said, during an interview with PyramidWest. “While we were on Jive, we always wanted to make an album together. We figured we’re on the same label, lets take it to the label and say, ‘Hey, do an E-40/Too Short album.’ But that’s not what they wanted. To this day, we still don’t know why they didn’t want us to collaborate, because if we made an album seven or eight years ago, it probably would have been probably much more significant than it would be now.”

The two have appeared on numerous tracks such as “Rappers Ball,” “Show Me What You Working With,” and were also featured together on the Bay Area compilation album The Whole Damn Yay. And while about a dozen more collaborations have surfaced recently, including this summer’s “Bitch,” Short says there’s even more to come

“We’re defying the odds of what Hip Hop’s supposed to be,” Too Short added. “I’m personally 44, and I think I’ve got 40 by about two years. And we’ve got a hot song moving around this summer. Of course we’re still entertaining the idea of doing a project together. You’ve heard quite a few duets, and we have twice as many songs as that which you’ve never heard.”

Short explained that the currently untitled project would likely be released in 2011, after the release of his digital album, Respect The Pimpin’.

“Part of what my legacy is right now is to tear down that stereotype that Hip Hop has an age limit,” Short explained. “I’m doing it to the fullest right along with my man E-40 and a couple other OG’s out there [like] Ice Cube.”