Despite a reported seven-figure deal earlier this year, rapper Shyne is not pleased with his new label, Def Jam. Speaking to earlier this week, Shyne criticized the label’s head, Antonio “L.A.” Reid for lack of care towards Hip Hop. Now, in an open letter posted on, the former Bad Boy Records star calls out the label in more detail, and champions some of his colleagues.

…[A] Jewish guy named Rick [Rubin and] an African [American] guy from Hollis, Queens by the name of Russell [Simmons set] the foundation for a billion dollar industry from an NYU dorm is beyond him….it offends chairman Reid that these hoodlums & criminals call themselves musicians,” penned Shyne.

The rapper went on to call Def Jam artists Ghostface Killah and Nas “modern prophets,” The Roots, he compared to Amadeus Mozart, Kanye West to Vincent Van Gogh, and himself to The Bible‘s Moses.

The full letter can be read at here.

Although Shyne decisively did not want to speak about his feelings towards Def Jam with HipHopDX, you can read our interview from Tuesday of this week here.