While the south has had no shortage of success in recent years, Alabama and Mississippi have not been hot beds for Hip Hop. Two DXnext alumni, Yelawolf and Big K.R.I.T. are looking to change all that. With each releasing two of the most critically-acclaimed mixtapes in the past 12 months (Yela’s Trunk Muzik and K.R.I.T.’s K.R.I.T. Wuz Here ), they have decided to team up for The Country Cousins: Trunk Muzik Wuz Here.

Both emcees recently spoke to XXLMag,com about the mixtape. “We’re sittin’ on four bangers already,” Yelawolf told them. “[We’re] definitely coming with that—that’s not a question. We’ve been asked about it so much that it’s gotta be done now.”

“We’re gonna put the ‘Hometown Hero (Remix)’ on there,” K.R.I.T. added, referencing the Wolf-assisted remix that leaked his summer. “People have already heard that one, [but] the other three are original.” Don’t expect the mixtape to come out anytime in the near future though, as both southern emcees are currently on national tours. “Me and his schedules is crazy right now. He understand what I got going on, [and] I understand what he got going on. But once we get in the studio, and we get the opportunity to work together—”  

Both rappers were very complimentary of one another, clearly working together out of respect rather than mutual benefit. “He’s a crazy fuckin’ producer, dog,” Yelawolf said of the self-producer K.R.I.T. “Beast. Like, he’s a producer for real. Writes; produces his songs; does the beats; makes his arrangements. He pretty much exemplifies a core producer—more than just somebody who draws beats with a mouse.” K.R.I.T returned the love, saying “Yelawolf is one of them artists you really wanna be in the studio with, cause he’s crazy with [his] creative mind frame and you just—the vibe is always right.”