After his September 1 arrest in Los Angeles, Rap superstar T.I. has a hearing set for October 15. The date will evaluate T.I.’s probation, after marijuana, ecstasy and codeine were discovered in the couple’s Maybach automobile after a stop for an illegal U-turn. His wife, Tomeka “Tiny” Harris was also arrested.

Last year, T.I. was released from prison after a felony weapons charge just three years ago this week, when the Grand Hustle Records co-founder and then-artist Alfamega were arrested before the 2007 BET Hip Hop Awards.

T.I. and his parent label, Atlantic Records, have yet to release a statement. T.I. could potentially face felony charges for the parole violation. (October 4)

UPDATE: Probation officers and T.I.’s defense council are presently deciding between suggested sentencing. According to, the probation officers are motioning for eight to 14 months in prison, while his legal team is suggesting four to 11 months.

The trial date remains set for this week, on October 15 at 2pm.