Rikers Island inmate number 02616544L, more commonly known as platinum-selling and Grammy award winning rapper Lil Wayne, missed the release of his most recent album, I Am Not A Human Being. The release date coincided with him turning 28-years-old, but there was no talk of potential album sales in his seventh prison letter to his fans.

“Anyway, I’m still playing UNO,” Wayne wrote. “Still doing pushups and such, by the way, please don’t expect me to come out looking any different. I’m the same little ‘ol me. Also, I’ve been trying to get as much rest as I can because I know I won’t when I’m out of here.”

Aside from shouting out his children and noting a few of his favorite radio songs, Weezy slipped in a marriage proposal on behalf of a fan named Chris Kyle. The full contents of Lil Wayne’s letter are available at WeezyThankxYou.com

In other Hip Hop related news, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced its 2011 induction nominees. While no notable names from the Hip Hop community were added this year, the passing of another calendar year means LL Cool J and the Beastie Boys are eligible for induction again. Both Def Jam pillars were nominated in 2010, but didn’t make it in. The full list of 2011 nominees is available at the Rock Hall’s official site.