Lions, Heliciopters and Bears, Oh My!

Remember when Rap music still came out on CDs? Even further back, it used to have some pretty clever packaging. Sure, there’s been some stellar fold-out posters, scratch n’ sniffs, rolling papers, giveaways and other goodies, but what about really decadent cover art? Pen & Pixel, the Texas-based company is responsible for some of our favorites over the years. Truthfully, a lot of the music that Pen & Pixel designed covers for is not the collective taste of HipHopDX (and some is), the covers are great conversation pieces. recently profiled 25 outrageous covers from the glory years of No Limit, Cash Money and Tear Da Club Up Thugs. We ask you — what was your favorite album that P&P has a cover designed to? In any event, skim through the gallery and check out some really amazing pillars of diamond-encrusted lettering. As an aside, we always liked Kool Keith’s Dr. Dooom cover, which poked fun at the covers of that day. With out Throwback Thursday today, and just a general apathetic Thursday vibe we have going on, we put that cover in. It’s all relative, right?

Check out’s “25 Most Ridiculous Pen & Pixel Album Covers of All Time.”

Seven Year Old Travel-Log

Rhymesayers Entertainment has been good to this site for the last 11 years. And shoot, we’ve been good right back, praising some of their releases from Brother Ali, MF DOOM and Atmosphere. Speaking of Slug & Ant, it was seven years ago today that they released Seven’s Travels. The album was a major turning point for the duo, and yielded an awesome song in “Always Coming Back Home To You.” For the seven-after-Seven’s anniversary, Rhymesayers got a funny and dry interview with Slug, and is offering the album at a discount. We certainly bought ours then, but a damn good memory.

Check out Slug revisiting Atmosphere’s Seven’s Travels seven years later, to the day – with a discount here.

Get Your Buzz Up Needs Philadelphia and Boston Submissions

DX staffer Mike Trampe is involved with the national Get Your Buzz Up Showcases. A friend to the unsigned artist, Mike wanted to let you good folks in the Philly and Boston areas that your submissions are needed to get your talents judged by some special guests and industry specialists.

Get the 411 on Get Your Buzz Up’s Showcases and submission policies here.

Hipster Field Guide

In the wake of some recent new Rap videos, songs and well, just rappers, we found enjoyment and utility in this collection of hipster paraphernalia. The folks at sifted their way into helping you understand the trends of hipsterism, as well as some nifty dinosaur drawings and super-heroes that uphold the mantras. And HipHopDX, Too Short and Yukmouth can all likely agree that these kids are probably better off to stay away from The Town.

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