Comparing yourself to a late legend can be tricky, as Toronto platinum sensation Drake discovered recently. On Bun B’s Trill O.G. song “Put It Down,” the featured Toronto superstar raps, “I got 100 girls in each phone / Drizzy Drake mane, Young Sweet Jones.” “Sweet Jones,” of course, refers to Bun’s deceased partner, Pimp C. The reference caused a stir with UGK fans, prompting debate among Rap listeners.

In a response given to MTV News, Drake had this to say, “I’m a huge Pimp [C] fan. I feel like I’m extended UGK family. Bun and Pimp are like uncles, dads to me…. It’s just seeing a bit of them in myself; by no means did I mean to offend. I heard it was somebody upset about me making that reference. I think it was somebody in his family or something. But I never mean any disrespect. I love Rap. ‘Young Sweet Jones’ is just a little nickname.”

Drizzy goes on to say that the name was in fact conferred upon him by people who were aware of his love for UGK and Houston and that he simply took the name and ran with it. Read the full statement at here.