Many artists seclude themselves while recording an album in order to minimize their distractions. Young Jeezy can be counted among that group, as the rapper reportedly locked himself inside producer Shawty Redd’s home for three months to work on Thug Motivation 103.

“I had just got off tour with Jay-Z when Shawty got home,” said Jeezy to GQ Magazine, referring to Redd having posted $200,000 in bail after being held in jail on a murder charge. “I went to his crib, we chopped it up, and finally I said, ‘I’m gonna go home and grab my stuff.’ Shawty was like, ‘Grab what stuff?’ I came back with all my clothes and shit and moved in.”

Jeezy revealed that he hung a flat-screen television in his new bedroom,, and stocked the cupboard with Cinnamon Toast Crunch – his favorite cereal.

Despite initial plans for a June 22 release, which was then changed to September 28, there is no current release date for the album.