With just under 685,000 followers, Brooklyn emcee Fabolous (@MyFabolousLife) is one of Rap’s most talked-about tweeters. Earlier this month, the Street Fam head even had a brief, digital war of words with Soulja Boy on the social networking platform, bringing the blue bird to gossipers everywhere. It now appears that the California

“Twitter talked to me about doin’ a coffee-table book of all my trending topics,” Fab told MTV’s Sway Calloway this week. “I’m just not sure about it, ’cause some of [my tweets were making fun of other people], and I don’t know if they want that re-brought to the light like that.” The Def Jam Records artist said that according to the undisclosed Twitter representative that contacted him, “It would be a dope idea for somebody to sit at a coffee table and open [the book] up while they’re waiting for somebody and read it.” Fab apparently agrees, as he toils over the final decision. “I thought it would be dope, but I just have to think now. I’ve seen a couple of my trending topics get me in situations.”

Fabolous’ retail mixtape There Is No Competition 2: The Grieving Music Mixtape just released late last month, and is on the Top 200 charts now.