The Village Voice reports Lil Wayne may be getting a lot of preferential treatment during his stay on Rikers Island. After Capt. Latanya Brown was questioned by investigators last week for allegedly spending additional time with the rapper and giving him special treatment, more allegations are being leveled against the Department of Corrections. The Voice cites unnamed sources claiming Wayne’s visitors get car service, while the Pop star enjoys other amenities not given to the common inmate.

“Jail staffers also bring Lil Wayne food from the nearby Jackson Hole restaurant and local pizzeria,” wrote Elizabeth Dwoskin of the Village Voice. “They are also said to tip him off so he knows when he is going to be searched.”

These most recent claims come after female guard Amelia Negron was fired from Rikers for reportedly going out of her way to gawk at Wayne. Negron has since announced plans to file a lawsuit against the Department of Corrections. Additionally, Lil Wayne was caught with unauthorized music contraband-headphones and an MP3 charger-in his cell. To date, none of these minor infractions and allegations have changed Lil Wayne’s expected release date in November. The full story is available via the Village Voice.