Sedgwick & Cedar Pulls Out The Legends

For their new Planet Rock series, Sedgwick & Cedar is commissioning mixes from some legendary deejays. The second in the series comes from the west. DJ Ralph M. was born and raised in Los Angeles and is one of the original KDAY Mixmasters and a member of the Hip Hop group Funkdoobiest. DJ Ralph M. has also worked in the studio with Soul Assassins, Ice Cube, and Cypress Hill, and has compiled a mix for Planet Rock Los Angeles that includes sounds from Kraftwerk, Ice-T & Chris The Glove Taylor, Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force, and more. 

Listen to Ralph M’s “Planet Rock Los Angeles mix” here.

DJ Just Dizle “Interviews” Roy Ayers

Roy Ayers made some of the best Soul-Jazz grooves of all-time. Ayers’ influence on Hip Hop is immeasurable, and everybody from Brand Nubian to 2Pac to Da Beatminerz knows it. DX loves Roy Ayers, and we thought it was hella cool that Paris deejay Just Dizle (who’s dropped some amazing mixes our way over the years) “interviewed” Mr. Ayers. By “interview,” we don’t mean Larry King as much as its an audio explanation of why the vibrophone master speaks with his hands so magnificently. If you want a real interview, cop the Wax Poetics anthology.

Listen to DJ Just Dizle’s Interview With Roy Ayers here.

Skew It On The BBQ

Along with ego trip, Scratch and Rap Pages, we damn sure miss Mass Appeal. The columns, the art direction, and yeah, the writing. With his new website, Noah Callahan-Bever broadcasts some of his stellar work over the years. One gem we particularly enjoyed with this Nas and Large Professor “round-table.” Extra P brought Nas into the game, and anytime the two have worked together, magic has ensued. Still, this piece breaks down their curious relationship and pays tribute to one of our favorite producing-emcees of all times. By the way for those that agree, The LP released if you need a late pass.

Read Noah Callahan-Bever’s 2002 Mass Appeal interview with Nas & Large Professor here.