Xzibit is no stranger to the acting world. His career will continue on that road, according to ABC, with the network’s new drama, Detroit 1-8-7. The emcee is scheduled to appear in an episode of the drama, which stars former Sopranos star Michael Imperioli and Aisha Hinds. 

As mentioned, X has had various roles in the past. One of them was in 8 Mile as one of Eminem’s battle rap foes. Coincidentally, Eminem is another emcee turned actor that Detroit 1-8-7’s executive producer, Jason Richman, would like on the show. 

“I would love it,” Richman told Vulture in early August. “He’s a great actor, and he’d a good representative for the city…I’d love for him to be involved in any way possible.” (September 1)

UPDATE: Xzibit’s appearance on Detroit 1-8-7 will air on December 21, according to TV.Broadwayworld.com.