As times have changed, the manner in which we receive our media is evolving in various ways. It’s no secret that fans are receiving more and more of their information through the web and that may explain the latest news out of Kanye West’s home, Universal Music Group. Recently, Universal Music Group ended their relationship with MTV, a change that will exclusively air videos from West and other Universal acts like The Black Eyed Peas on VEVO, effective after this year’s MTV Video Music Awards in September.

“MTVN has been unwilling to negotiate a fair syndication deal with VEVO to carry our artists’ videos and consequently our videos will not be shown on their online properties. We believe that using VEVO as our online music video syndication platform is the best way to maximize revenue for our artists, our songwriters and ourselves,” Universal said in a statement, making some wonder if this exclusivity will only pertain to web rights.

MTV also responded, by saying they were “disappointed” with the decision, according to The Wall Street Journal

This news will certainly be talked about at this year’s Bandwidth Conference, an event many music labels will attend, including representatives from Interscope, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and more. 

Michael Fiebach, who currently works for DJ Shadow, spoke on this change in marketing. 

“I think that the key to effective marketing has always been creativity,” he said in an article with SFGate. “However, with the proliferation of easy-to-use internet tools at artist’s disposal, the level of creativeness is now more important than ever. It is not original to have a Twitter account. It is more original to respond to each and every Tweet, and Direct Message the most engaged Twitter users with special offers for your Web Store (just one example of MANY). It is even more original to use online analytics tools to pinpoint your demographics, and offer special deals to specific consumers at varying engagement levels; all geo-targeted and location specific.”