Rapper 50 Cent unleashed a profanity-filled tirade in a conference call with fellow rapper Shyne set up by Def Jam and XXL Magazine this week.

The entire phone call was filmed and later placed on 50 Cent’s Website, ThisIs50.com.

The video begins with 50 Cent, who was under a fake name, repeatedly trying to be routed to Shyne to ask his question. After various attempts 50 Cent is finally routed to Shyne and asks, “What is your real issue with 50?”

Shyne responds to 50’s question by stating that “there ain’t no issue” with 50 Cent. Seconds later the call is ended and 50 is muted from the system.

He tries a second time and is again muted, but is later connected to Shyne yet again.

“The 50 shit with Shyne and shit like that. I think that shit is a hoax,” said 50 Cent during the conference call. “I think it’s a way you try to gain attention in some ways because a nigga ain’t been fucking with you for 15 years. Like you been gone 10 years so he couldn’t have had no issues.”

Throughout the video various parts are edited to show Shyne looking somewhat confused as 50 Cent continues his tirade.

What the video below: