In preparation for his upcoming show in London, 50 Cent called in to Tim Westwood’s BBC Radio show. During the phone interview, 50 Cent discussed how he handles beef, claiming that his numerous high profile grudges with artists like Fat Joe and Rick Ross have been purely reactionary. He also told Tim that he will not be as quick to respond to future attacks because his altercations have earned him an unfair “bad guy” reputation.

“I don’t have…issues with people until they say things that make me feel like they want a problem,” said the Queens rapper. “Point to one situation that I’ve been in, one altercation where I was competing with another artist that I’ve started…Ain’t that hip-hop? There’s always been battling. It’s always been a part of the culture. In the future, because I’ve been kind of captured as the actual bad guy on some level because they watch me compete and win and it feels like it was effortless, I will [make] a point to not even respond. I’l just look and watch people when they say things.”

50 also talked about his his highly contested upcoming album Black Magic. According to the G-Unit general, the album does find him experimenting with more uptempo techno-style production, but he assures fans that the the album won’t find him sacrificing his unique perspective.

“I’ve got a joint that I did that was real uptempo,” he explained. “It’s still 50 Cent…[for] my Black Magic album, I’ve been listening to a lot of different kinds of music. I just want to create something that’s out of the box, that ain’t the same style of music or same kinds of music [that I normally make]. I’m using different song formats…it’s still hip-hop music, it’s still 50 Cent content, it’s just written in a different way [from the traditional 16 bar format].”

Below is a video of the full interview, courtesy of TimWestwoodTV.