In a generic effort to save face Pepsi has been replying to all the letters they have been receiving surrounding the Ludicris issue. HipHopDX has been able to get a copy of the letter (Thanks Pikahsso). For those who are unaware of the Ludicris Pepsi issue read our article: Pepsi decides to Pull Ludacris Ad.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us at Pepsi-Cola. Hearing from consumers is important to us, and we appreciate your input.

We are sorry that you disagree with our decision to discontinue our ad campaign with Ludacris, but wanted to assure you this was not the result of one news commentator’s opinion. Rather, we heard from a variety of people who were uncomfortable with our association with this artist, particularly because of the content of some of his lyrics.

While we did not anticipate the extent of this reaction, it does not change our commitment to multicultural marketing, nor does it diminish our support of diverse communities.

Nevertheless, we respect your opinion and we apologize if our decision has offended you. Please be assured that your sentiments have been shared with our senior executives and will be taken into consideration as we develop future ad campaigns.

Thanks again for contacting us. We value your thoughts and hope we can regain your friendship.


Pepsi Cola Co.