In the second episode of Fat Joe’s ‘Tales from The Darkside’ video series, the Bronx emcee recalls how he set-up the Notrious B.I.G.’s first professional performance up in the Boogie Down Bronx. Joe, who knew Biggie from the lYricist Lounge, says he offered him the chance to perform after he watched Biggie battle a bevy of other rappers and win.

“I used to promote parties…[and] ‘(You Gotta) Flow Joe’ was getting me about $500, maybe $400 a show,” he explained. “So on the side, I would use my celebrity and throw parties and bring rappers like KRS-One [to the stage]…I knew Biggie from the Lyricists Lounge. One day, Biggie walked up in there with Puff Daddy – Puff Daddy has the see through chain on, and I’m handing out ‘Flow Joe’ vinyl. And he walks up in this shit, and the nigga Puff starts talking crazy and shit, like ‘Yo, I got my nigga Biggie Smalls, we’ll battle anybody in this bitch!’

“This nigga Biggie goes in. He might have battled five or ten niggas, and ate them niggas…niggas were scared to touch the mic…this is just before that ‘Party ‘N’ Bullshit’. I stepped to Biggie like…’I throw parties Uptown…how much you want for a show?’ He wanted a couple of hundred dollars [and] a bottle of Moet. So I actually gave him his first professional show. Go check, see if I’m lying.”

The full interview can be seen below.