Amy Winehouse has made a name for herself in the music world after winning various awards for her critically acclaimed projects Frank and Back to Black, but her fame has also given way to controversy surrounding drug use, suicide attempts, ailments and tabloid fodder. Aside from all of this, she has also shown her appreciation for Hip Hop with collaborations including work with Ghostface Killah. Rappers have also given her praise, including Jay-Z and Nas, whom she wrote “Me and Mr. Jones” about.

Now, Winehouse is planning a project with one of Hip Hop’s most acclaimed producers, ?uestlove, the drummer behind The Roots and Raphael Saadiq, who will be playing the guitar. No name has yet been given to the group. 

In the past, Winehouse was denied a visa for posessing cannabis and for an assault she has been cleared of since. As a result, getting together has been a challenge, but one that technology has allowed them to tackle.

According to The Sun, ?uestlove confirmed that the show will go on.

“The group will definitely happen. It’s just the closest she can come to the States is Jamaica. I’m off to France soon so I’ll see if she’s up for discussing it over dinner. We’re Skype-ing the shit out of each other.”