Veteran Queensbridge emcee Tragedy Khadafi was released from prison on June 23rd, months ahead of his anticipated January 2011 release date.

“They let me out early, which is a blessing,” the artist formerly known as the Intelligent Hoodlum told HipHopDX Monday evening. “The minute I got out I started working on a couple of projects. Working with a book project that I’m putting out and I started working with a group, one of the main groups that I’m affiliated with, UGP, Underground Professionals. I also started recording for myself as well as linking up with [Capone-N-Noreaga] to begin the process of recording my input for The War Report 2.”

Tragedy, a Juice Crew alum, who has been hailed by many as a key influence on Queensbridge Hip Hop, collaborated with Capone-N-Noreaga throughout their classic 1997 debut The War Report. The duo have stated that he would appear on the highly anticipated sequel and now it appears that the album can be completed.

“Basically from what was conveyed to me was they were waiting on me to come home so they can close the project up,’ Tragedy said. “That’s where I’m at with that. Aside from that particular project, I’m working on several projects and have been talking to a few people. I’ve been talking to Vinnie [Paz] from Jedi Mind [Tricks] to put something together, one of my team players, Phantom and [business associate] Scott Davidson, talking with several different people that want to do projects with me.”

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