From the new Halfway House DVD, footage just leaked of South Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel speaking briefly about his Roc-A-Fella Records tenure. Now reportedly signed to Universal Fontana, where the State Property front-man will release his album, The Closure, Sigel was outspoken about perceived beef with Roc factions, The Diplomats. “Juelz Santana was at every court date I had [in the early ’00s], when I was on trial for attempted murder. He was in court more than [Jay-Z].” In a passionate testimony, Beanie continues, saying, “The only thing I regret about that Roc-A-Fella [Records tenure] was [beefing with Jadakiss], and I did that for [Jay-Z]. [He] was scared. [He] knew ‘Kiss would’ve bit that ass.”

In the late ’90s, Beanie Sigel and Jadakiss had a war of words that would later end with a collaborative “Problem” from DJ Khaled’s 2006 album debut, Listennnn…The Album.

In a strange move, Beanie Sigel further alluded that he felt his former boss and mentor was speaking subliminally about him on a verse from Drake’s “Light Up” , from last week’s Thank Me Later. Speaking as if talking directly to Jay, he said, “I know that faggot-shit you poppin’ on them Drake records, them lil’ slurs. I’ma tell you niggas somethin’: [if you feature artists who diss me] on your records, I’ma start comin’ at y’all, lil’ niggas.” Beanie Sigel stated that by virtue of association, he had a problem with the Young Money Rap sensation. “[I will] smack the shit outta Drake’s bitch ass, all y’all niggas. This the Broad Street Bully. I have no problem seein’ anybody on site.”