According to the New York Post, welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has yet to respond to a lawsuit filed against him by Just For You Entertainment. Mayweather is being sued by the label because they claim he stole their artist Freck Billionaire from them.

Mayweather was initially informed of the lawsuit in November 2009. Just For You Entertainment now claims that Mayweather’s time to respond “has long since expired” and they have already filed the court papers against the famed boxer.

Freck Billionaire allegedly left the label in 2008 to join Mayweather’s Philthy Rich Records. But in an interview that took place last year Mayweather explained that Freck joined his label under false pretenses.

“We were working with an artist named Freck Billionaire,” said Mayweather in the interview, reports. “When he came aboard we asked if he had any contracts and he said no. Come to find out he was signed with somebody.”

Just For You Entertainment is hoping for a default judgment of $155,000 to cover studio time and living expenses for Freck as well as child support the rapper owed. On top of that amount Just For You is also asking for an extra $600,000.

UPDATE: Since the initial April 2 story, the New York Post has reported that the court has ruled largely in Floyd Mayweather, Jr.’s favor. The boxer star was ordered to pay the Long Island-based label less than $6,000 for “poaching” Freck.

The judge said that there was not enough evidence to meet the original $750,000 sought after damages. The $6,000 covered recording costs, video shoot incidentals, and a trip to Los Angeles.