DJ Skee has been appointed as Hip-Hip Ambassador to ASAS-LA, the Governor’s founded charity, serving disadvantaged youth in L.A.

Founded by Governor Schwarzenegger, ASAS-LA aims to serve 10,000 middle school and high school students in the Los Angeles area with after-school programs that promote education and youth leadership, as well as fitness and nutrition. ASAS-LA also has a separate music program, which teaches kids about the fundamentals of Hip Hop. 

Skee, who has made a name for himself as a popular radio deejay in Los Angeles, as well as doing extensive mixtape work with artists across the nation, explained the opportunity to work with kids is an essential part of creating a positive image for Hip Hop. “Being involved with the kids in the After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles programs brings things full circle.”

He continued, “Hip Hop originates from the communities that these students come from. Hip Hop is a big part of their culture…and to teach them the positive aspects of the industry; that actual careers exist within the industry; that lead industry figures are devoted to giving back to the community…it gives them the type of exposure needed to take the Hip Hop culture on a positive path. These kids are the future of Hip Hop.”

DJ Skee will be performing at the Vanguard in Hollywood, CA next Friday (4/2) to commemorate the launch of his new live show Skeetox with a portion of the proceeds going to ASAS-LA. Other musical guests for the event include Ya Boy and Cisco Adler. Visit here for ticket and venue information.