Up and coming Boston rapper Sam Adams recently spoke to Billboard in regards to recent claims that he bought his own music to boost sales.

The allegations came shortly after Adams’ digital EP Boston Boy sky-rocketed on the iTunes Hip Hop album charts placing Adams among the likes of Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled.

“I knew I didn’t buy those copies,” Sam Adams told Billboard. “I’m a middle class kid from Boston. I would never have that kind of money. It was a laughing point for my whole camp but also disappointing at first to hear what was being said. But with success comes pain. There are a lot of people who wish they were in my position.”

Despite the allegations from those claiming Adams bought his own material, he is still being looked at by major labels and is even planning on putting out his debut album this year.

UPDATE: Sam Adams also spoke to Good Fellas Radio. As the video says, Adams agrees with Jay-Z: “men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.”

In other music news, Universal Music Group (UMG) is introducing a new pricing program that will hopefully increase CD sales.

Yahoo News reports that UMG’s pricing program, which is dubbed “Velocity,” will lower new releases to around $10 or less.

“We think it will really bring new life into the physical format,” said Universal Music Group Distribution chairman/CEO Jim Urie.

A number of retailer’s agree that UMG’s new pricing program will drive more revenue into the CD market.

“Things are not going to get better for CD sales unless the price point is addressed,” a senior retail executive revealed. “One thing that the Trans World test shows for sure: $10 will drive sales and traffic.”