In effort to provide both awareness and relief to January’s earthquake devastation in Haiti, husband and wife Sacha Jenkins  and Raquel Cepeda, together with Anonymous Gallery have organized N’AP BOULE, an art exhibition and silent auction. The event takes its name from a  Haitian phrase used as a response to a general greeting.

The event will take place this Sunday, March 7 at New York’s Anonymous Gallery @ Collective Hardware from 7-10pm. The exhibition is brought to the public by Scope and {He}Art For Haiti and Colab Projects. The proceeds from the event will go to Doctors Without Borders.

Notably, the exhibition includes work from late iconic painter Jean-Michael Basquiat, who was of Haitan descent. A friend and collaborator of Andy Warhol, the New York mainstay was involved in Hip Hop in the early ’80s Downtown movement, designing the cover jacket for 1983’s “Beat Bop” single by Rammellzee and K-Rob, as well as appearing in Blondie’s “Rapture” video. He has been the subject of several bio-pics, documentaries and the illuminating Basquiat: A Quick Killing In Art by Phoebe Hoban.

The amazing list of featured artists, graffiti writers and photographers also includes Barry McGee, Crash, Lee Quinones, Dondi White, Tauba Auerbach, Swoon, Eric Haze, Rostarr, David Ellis, Doze Green, Faile, Bast, Greg Lamarche, Kostas Seremetis, Rostarr, Chris Mendoza, Yuri Shimojo, Kenji Hirata, Cope II, Indie 184, Erik Foss, Henry Chalfant, Dan Witz, Ricky Powell, Shelter Serra, Eric White, Jamel Shabazz, Michael Holman, Eve Sussman, Joseph Ari Aloi, Kenzo Minami, Daze, Sharp and many others.

Raquel Cepeda is an acclaimed journalist and filmmaker. Her documentary, Bling: A Planet Rock, looked closely at Hip Hop’s relationship with jewelry, with appearances by Kanye West and Jadakiss. You can find her work here. Jenkins, one of the founders of both ego trip and Mass Appeal magazines, is an artist, musician and author.

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