Atlanta-based producer and songwriter Shawty Redd is best known for being Young Jeezy’s go-to producer throughout the last three albums, as well as the writer and producer for Snoop Dogg’s “Sexual Eruption” (also titled “Sensual Seduction”). Reports today say that the man born Demetrius Stewart is awaiting arraignment in an Atlanta jail.

Per those reports, first seen online at Gyant Unplugged, Redd had company at his Georgia home today (January 1, 2010). The guests were associates of the producer, but verbal and physical threats ensued. The threatening party was subsequently shot and killed. At approximately 5:30 pm EST, police reached the scene. Arrests, including Shawty Redd, were made.

Shawty Redd has still not formally been accused of murder. That decision will be made after a meeting with his attorney and the Henry County District Attorney. During Redd’s court appearance, Judge Brown explained the charges to the producer and held him on bond. The appearance was filmed by Rahiem Shabazz for Rasha Entertainment. During an interview with a Henry County sherriff, Shabazz and writers from found out the following information.

“While Shawty Redd was entitled to have been represented by a court appointed attorney for his bond hearing, he decided that since his own attorney was not in town at the moment, he wanted his case postponed for another date. As a result, Magistrate Judge Brown rescheduled his bond hearing for January 12 in which case he must remain in custody until the hearing.”