DPG’s Fredwreck is working on his own album right now to be called “The Atoms.” It will features appearances by Snoop, Dr Dre, Tha Eastsidaz, Cypress Hill, Daz, Redman, Nate Dogg, DJ Quik and more. He says that it will likely be out early 2003. In addition to that he is working on Snoop’s new album, Tha Eastsidaz new album as well as new albums from Redman and Nate Dogg.

Fred had this to say on Kurupt’s decision to go back to Tha Row: “He’s a man, he made a decision and he has to live with it, not me. In my opinion it was a stupid decision.” He also said that he does not think he will ever work with him again. When asked about Tha Row and Suge Knight he said he would not work for them for a billion dollars and that Suge needs therapy. A billion dollars? I would work for Satan himself.

He also said that his biggest musical influences are Dr Dre, DJ Muggs, Marley Marl, Hank Shocklee and Sir Jinx. On whom he would most like to work with he named Mary J Blidge, Rakim, George Clinton, Meth and Ice Cube. For the entire interview, check out fredwreck.com.