Contrary to some recent reports, B.G. is no longer residing in the Orleans Parish Prison following his arrest last Tuesday (November 3rd) on one felony count for illegal carrying of weapons

When you got good lawyers, I mean, you can make shit happen,B.G. told HipHopDX earlier today (November 10th) regarding why he was speaking to DX via telephone from New York City and not a New Orleans jail. “I got arrested what? Tuesday night. I got booked Wednesday. And I was out Wednesday night. I left jail and I went straight to my listening party.”

One-fourth of the Hot Boys has been in New York City in the nearly week since the November 4th listening party for his long-delayed new solo album, Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood (due December 8th).

Initial reports of B.G.’s arrest and detainment erroneously stated that the New Orleans rapper was denied bond and would remain housed in the local prison until his next scheduled hearing in the case on December 20th.

My lawyer got a judge to give me a pre-set bond, so I didn’t have to go to court to get a bond [set],B.G. explained as to why no bond appeared for him in the Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff Office’s electronic records. “My lawyer called a judge, and a judge pre-set my bond without me being in front of him. If you get a felony [charge] you gotta go in front the judge to get a bond, but my lawyer called the judge and got the judge to give me a bond without me being in front of him. That put me out 12 hours before I woulda been out if I wouldn’t a had a good lawyer, or if I wasn’t politically connected.

Gizzle’s good counsel not only sprung him from confinement a half-day early, but attorneys JC Lawrence and Frank Desalvo also got B.G.’s pre-set bond amount reduced.

The bond, [the court] wanted to set it at a 100,000 [dollars] because of my record,” he revealed, “but the bond end up being like 50,000.

According to B.G., he was a passenger in but not driving the Chevy Tahoe that was pulled over by officers from New Orleans 7th District on the evening of November 3rd. The vehicle was driven by 28-year-old Jerod Fedison, who B.G. explained to DX was pulled over by NOPD claiming Mr. Fedison had failed to use his turn signal while making a turn.

After stopping their vehicle, police subsequently searched the Tahoe and reportedly discovered three guns, two of which were reported stolen, along with loaded magazines and two additional extended magazine clips.

and Fedison were both charged with illegal carrying of weapons, while the third occupant of the Tahoe, 18-year-old Demounde Pollard, was charged with two counts of illegal possession of stolen firearms, one count of illegal carrying of a weapon, and three additional charges for possession of Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, and Alprazolam.  

Jerod [is] part of my Chopper City Guerilla Gang,” said B.G.He just come home. He been home about two months. He beat this murder charge and two attempt murder charges. But he was down for like two-and-a-half years on the charge, and he on parole for two-and-a-half years. He went to trial and he beat the murder charge. [And] so I got my other little partna [Demounde] out of jail, and he gonna sign the affidavit saying that none of [us] had no knowledge that the guns was in the car so my man [Jerod’s] parole officer can come sign him out.”  

“As of right now,B.G. added, “I don’t know how the guns got in the vehicle. For all I know the police coulda put ‘em in the vehicle. But when I got in the vehicle, the guns wasn’t in there.” 

His new gun charge isn’t Gizzle’s only pending legal matter at the moment. This past June B.G. was arrested for possession of Hydrocodone and Carisoprodol.

They probably bust me with like five pills,” he revealed of the arrest. “And they was prescribed to me. I just ain’t have ‘em in my bottle.

A scheduled court date on those Schedule III felony charges is set for this Friday (November 13th), but per B.G., “I talked to my lawyers about it and they said I don’t have to be in court. [The hearing] is probably going to [take place for] the D.A.’s office to see if they gon’ accept the charges or not.
According to Louisiana Revised Statute 14:95, because B.G. has more than three previous convictions he is additionally facing up to 10 years in prison without parole for this new gun charge.

So how much time total for his June drug charges and new gun charge is B.G. looking at?

To be honest with you, I got four [previous] convictions,” he revealed to DX. “On my [previous drug possession] charges that I caught in Jefferson Parish [back in March], that was dropped in August, the D.A. didn’t wanna go forward with the charges because I produced all the prescriptions. The judge got mad about that and told me I was a lucky man. But first they offered me six years, because I got four [felony] convictions. And they told me if I go to trial and I lose, then the six years gon’ turn into 18 years. So, whatever situation I’m put in I gotta go to trial because they gon’ offer me somethin’. They offered me six years the first day I went in court. And I told ‘em, ‘Let’s suit up.’”