50 Cent has fallen victim to an album leak, as a copy of Before I Self Destruct prematurely hit the internet – just under a month before its intended November 23 release.

According to digitalmusicnews.com, the album is marked as the “International Version,” though it contains all of the album’s expected tracks. The quality reportedly would indicated that it is from a streamed source, rather than the CD itself.

In other news, Interscope Records released a statement revealing 50 Cent will be screening his latest film, also titled Before I Self Destruct, on the following dates:

Date Market
2-Nov Boston
3-Nov Philadelphia
4-Nov DC
5-Nov NYC
7-Nov Atlanta
9-Nov Chicago
10-Nov San Francisco
11-Nov Los Angeles
12-Nov Houston
13-Nov Dallas

The film stars 50, and is “about an inner city youth raised by a hardworking single mother. When his dream of becoming a basketball player fails to materialize after his mother is tragically gunned down, Clarence (played by [50]) is consumed by revenge and takes up a life of crime in order to support his younger brother.

Fans can log onto movietickets.com/50 to download tickets to the release.

Finally, it seems that even 50 is tried by these economic times, as the rapper revealed to The London Telegraph that he now has to sell some old diamonds before buying new ones.

The credit crunch has hit rap,” revealed Fif. “I buy diamonds on a very regular basis, but now I am selling my old stuff before I get something new.

These are times when you learn about the value of money,” added 50, who says he’s lost “a few million.

The rapper was able to put a positive spin on the matter, however, explaining that “If you don’t lose money in this recession, it means you didn’t have enough to start off with.