Gangsta Boo fans will soon be able to honor the late Three 6 Mafia rapper with pieces from a new clothing line being made in her honor.

Boo’s partner and Marriage Boot Camp co-star Emmet Flores is behind the new company, with 90 percent of proceeds set to go directly to her mother, Veronica Mitchell. The other 10 percent will go toward student tuition at the Stax Music Academy in Memphis.

The clothing will be available solely on Gangsta Boo’s site,

Talking to AllHipHop on Wednesday (March 9), Boo’s mother co-signed the new line of merch and shared her pride for all that her late daughter accomplished.

“My daughter Lola was my only baby girl. I was so proud when she would rap as a little girl,” Mitchell said. “She became the Queen of Memphis. My baby is loved by people everywhere, and it all started at home with us. That’s so amazing to me. It makes me smile ear to ear. God brought her home to be with her daddy Cedric and her brother Derron.”

She continued: “I miss her, but I know she’s happy with them. I’ll always remember telling her, GO GET THEM DOLLAS, but I had no idea how many people would love my baby girl. I’m grateful all y’all support my daughter. Thank you.”

Gangsta Boo (real name Lola Chantrelle Mitchell) passed away on January 1 at the age of 43. According to FOX 13 Memphis, she was found dead at around 4:00 p.m. in a neighborhood west of Memphis International Airport, although no cause of death has been disclosed.

DJ Paul Clarifies Gangsta Boo Funeral Claims, Wants People To Move On

DJ Paul Clarifies Gangsta Boo Funeral Claims, Wants People To Move On

In a recently aired interview with WREG Memphis, loved ones said Gangsta Boo didn’t die “as a result of foul play,” with close friend Delmar Lawrence revealing she had many plans in the works despite struggling with her father’s death.

“She loved what she wanted to do, she had so many plans, so many dreams about what she wanted to do for 2023. I mean, she told me about ’em three days ago,” Lawrence said. “She lost her father and that was a very big blow for her. She was a daddy’s girl and it was many nights I prayed with her and just talked her through her grief. So I’m glad to know she’s at peace.”

He added: “The world only knew her gift. They didn’t know her heart, and she had the biggest heart and loved very hard, and her friends and family who know her they know that…”