Fat Joe believes the Grammys intentionally “jerk” around numerous artists each year just for fun, and accused the organization of doing so again this year.

Joe made the comments on a recent Instagram Live stream and harkened back to 50 Cent’s own Grammy drama in 2004 when he lost out on Best New Artist to emo post-grunge band Evanescence, despite having dropped his seminal debut Get Rich or Die Tryin’ that year.

Joey then brought up Samara Joy’s Grammy victory on Sunday (February 5), in which the Jazz singer beat out Latto, Omar Apollo and others in the Best New Artist category.

“The thing that does bug me out is when a woman who I don’t really know wins [Best New Artist],” he began. “I remember the time 50 Cent sold 30 million records. I was at the Grammy’s, we wasn’t getting along, but he lost to somebody I never heard of.

He added: “I believe that the Grammys do that shit on purpose. Sister won the Grammy, she was from the Bronx … She’s a Jazz singer but she won over the biggest records and biggest artists we know. These are things that leave you like, and they always do it. They got it wrong one year, they got it wrong two years, they got it wrong three years. It’s consistently they do this. So this a trademark.”

Fat Joe went on to once again remind his viewers that his and Remy Ma’s hit song “All The Way Up” lost to Chance The Rapper’s “No Problems” for Best Rap Performance at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

“They feel like if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We’re gonna jerk at least two people that should win,” he continued. “They jerked us with ‘All The Way Up’ with Chance The Rapper. You gotta be on drugs for that one. When we went for ‘All The Way Up,’ Remy did eight years in jail, we ain’t been together in a while.

“You know the situation and we put one out the park, and you’re gonna give it to Chance The Rapper for a song I don’t remember or recall, to be honest with you.”


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Fat Joe is far from the first rapper who’s raised this particular issue with the Grammys. Most recently, Snoop Dogg admonished the Grammys for snubbing him out of an award his entire 30-year career.

“Snoop dogg. 20 nominations. 0 wins,” he wrote on Instagram with a sarcastic applause emoji on Tuesday (February 7).

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JAY-Z also scolded the Grammys earlier this week for overlooking 4:44 in 2018. The project went home empty handed despite nods in both the Album of the Year and Best Rap Album categories.

“In that moment, I was like, ‘They missed the opportunity,’ because people emulate success,” Hov said in a rare interview with TIDAL. “In that moment, that album, 4:44, was a moment for us to say, ‘Hip Hop is viewed as a young man’s sport. Now here is this album that could take us into the next sphere.

“I feel like they missed the moment. I didn’t feel bad for myself, because I know it’s the Grammys: I probably won some joints I shouldn’t have won and I probably lost some joints I should’ve won. That’s the way it goes, so I actually had a party. I had a great time, staying out until 6 in the morning.”