Thai hip hop superstar YOUNGOHM took to Instagram today (January 13) to reflect on perseverance and dreaming big.

Sharing two photos, one of himself with kids—all smiles, the artist wrote about circumstances, such as social background, and how one can wield it to their advantage, becoming “durable.”

The caption reads, in Thai, “It’s not wrong to be born poor. It’s good because you are durable. Dream big and stand tall. And you just fight like Master Pridi Phanomyong.”

Pridi Phanomyong was a Thai political leader and former prime minister who was often referred to as the father of Thai democracy. He was credited as “the real power behind successive civilian governments as Thailand” and continued to criticize Thai military regimes even after he was in exile.

YOUNGOHM is not one to shy away from voicing his thoughts about Thai society and politics. The music video for his hit single, “บางกอก เลกาซี่” (Bangkok Legacy), a single from his 2020 album of the same name, was released on the 45th anniversary of the “6 October 1976 massacre,” which left at least 46 student protesters dead after opposing the return of a military dictator.

YOUNGOHM Shows Societal Turmoil In The Thai Capital In ‘Bangkok Legacy’

The Bangkok native shared some images from the 1976 event and wrote, “I would like my friends and sisters to try to research many important events that happened in our country. that it never existed in a textbook. When we know the past and learn from it, it will definitely benefit our present and future. Salute to all the brave heroes of the past and present. Prosperous democracy.”

YOUNGOHM’s post also makes a timely sentiment about how people view poverty as an inherent mistake (and therefore, by its logic, punished), especially in the light of recent headlines about people who grew up with less privileged backgrounds being shamed online for enjoying nice things.

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In other YOUNGOHM news, the Thai artist is set to release his second album, Thatthong Sound, on January 25, 2023.