Pricetagg isn’t holding back when it comes to showing off the fruits of his labor.

The Filipino rapper and FlipTop alumnus lives up to his moniker in his latest single, “Presyo” (Price)—out now via Rawstarr—where he details the things he’s been able to afford since gaining fame.

He partially attributes his success to nonbelievers, rapping “Sinabihan na wala daw kwenta / Ngayon kailangan ng accountant para may mag-kwenta” (I was told I don’t amount to nothing / Now I need an accountant to oversee my wealth), but adding that it was only possible due to being smart about his finances as well in lines such as “Pinaikot ko ang pera… Pangarap, all-in / Tinaya ko sa eksena” (I made financial returns… Went all in for my dreams / Gambled in the scene).

The Mark Beats-produced track was released yesterday (March 8), accompanied by a visual showing Pricetagg flexing luxury items, wads of cash, and gambling.

One notable line in the song was about how a change in status and wealth affects rappers. Pricetagg sees it in three ways: one being that when rappers get to a certain point of success, they might feel like they don’t need to prove anything anymore; the other one is that there are many who were skillful but their talent was eventually squandered; and the last one being that there’s a risk of stasis. He drives the point home, succinctly, “Tinatamad ang rapper pag sila ay yumayaman” (Rappers get lazy when they get richer).

Watch “Presyo” below: