Prolific Thai rapper SARAN premiered his latest visual for “สรัล” (Saran), the closing track off his self-titled EP.

The music video features the rapper being resuscitated in a hospital while taking a trip down memory lane. It was released together with the premiere of his newest 6-track EP.

Fellow D!EOUT member 2K joins SARAN on two tracks, while Thai artists Xwally, FIIXD, and BABYBIGBOY join him as featured artists on the EP.



SARAN EP tracklist:

  1. SARAN ft. BABYBIGBOY – “เปลี่ยน” (loosely translated as “Change”)
  2. SARAN ft. 2K – “DIEOUT Culture”
  3. SARAN ft. Xwally– “Around the world”
  4. SARAN ft. FIIXD – “รักใครไม่เป็น” (loosely translated as “I Can’t Love Anyone”)
  5. SARAN ft. 2K – “What’s your name”
  6. SARAN – “สรัล” (Saran)

Watch the music video for “สรัล” here: