Filipina rapper Fateeha is back at it again with “Kulet” (Stubborn), a defiant track that calls attention to social inequality in the Philippines and the struggles of the everyday Filipino trying to make it in the metro.

“Kulet” is Fateeha’s debut release under Def Jam Philippines. The track is produced by her father and founder of Morobeats, DJ Medmessiah. The track is reminiscent of the MOROBEATS’ lyrical style: precise and incisive bars that don’t shy away from commenting on relevant issues in the Philippines.

In a press statement, Fateeha shares that despite the track’s callout to those in power, “[H]er song is meant to show how people like [me] have turned this sad state of affairs into ‘a vibe.’ It reflects a lifelong concern of mine about how people get ahead in life with titles and money.”



Watch the music video for “Kulet” by Fateeha here:

Inline image: Press