Epik High’s frontman Tablo’s “Authentic: The Story of Tablo” podcast soars to the top of Spotify’s list of Best Podcasts of 2022 (So Far…)

The Korean-Canadian hip hop artist shared the news yesterday (August 16) on Twitter. The list was hand-picked by Spotify Podcast Editorial, which includes a wide range of podcasts.

The VICE and iHeart Podcast Network-produced show’s synopsis reads, in part, “Korean hip hop star Tablo was at the height of his career when a rumor started spreading on the internet that he was a liar.”

The nine-episode podcast, which premiered on February 14, 2022, follows Tablo at the heart of one of the biggest conspiracies in the South Korean music industry. Tablo is not just one of the biggest hip hop stars in South Korea, but he has also become extremely popular due to his educational achievements. The rapper graduated from the prestigious Stanford University in only three and a half years—with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree. Because of this, he was hailed as a good role model for South Korean children and fans.

However, in 2009, an anonymous internet comment accusing Tablo of forging his credentials quickly became viral and amassed a large anti-fan club against the rapper. It went so far as to anonymous people sending packages to his house, strangers shouting at him in public, and more. Despite multiple attempts to debunk the claims—including articles from Stanford University themselves asserting that Tablo did graduate from the university—the hate did not stop.

Fast forward almost a decade later since the event, and the rapper is still going strong. “Authentic: The Story of Tablo” details not just how the conspiracy started, but how the rapper bounced back from it–solidifying his status as one of the most influential South Korean stars worldwide.

Listen to “Authentic: The Story of Tablo” on Spotify here: