Vietnam’s Seachains returns with his sophomore EP CHUYỀN.

Throughout the record, the rapper explores his personal relationships. Earlier this year, he premiered the first two singles off the EP, “CHÓ” (Dog), which was dedicated to his brother, and “MẮT KIẾNG ĐEN” (Red Results) or his father.

In his latest single, “CHO ANH CHO EM” (For You For Me), Seachains revealed in a statement that the track is about his two best friends DJ C’Six and Quynh Binh, who are also a couple. He draws inspiration from his friends’ love story, especially their strong bond and the challenges they overcame together. Moreover, he expresses his heartfelt gratitude to his best friends for standing by him and their support. The two were previously featured in the video for his 2018 song, “Slow Down,” featuring Summer Vee.

Employing Vee’s airy vocals once again to build tension throughout the single and building up to the rappers’ less tightly coiled rapping style, “CHO ANH CHO EM” is a moving tribute to how our relationships leave a lasting impact on our lives.

Watch the music video for “CHO ANH CHO EM” below: