On February 11, Japanese rapper Shurkn Pap unveiled his latest album, CALL ME MR. DRIVE 2, his sequel to the 2020 trap-heavy edition.

This time around, the Himeji native took full rein of the rapping duties and enlisted producers Talen Ted, DOPFunk, Ice Cold, Island State Music, KNOTT, and Blackanese Beats to helm a 10-track ‘90s hip hop-funk-R&B joint that touts a kind of old-school Brooklyn and Long Beach suave, resulting to radio-friendly cuts fitting for any road trip experience.

This direction brings a level of (nostalgic) relatability while Shurkn Pap proudly tags us along in the streets and haunts of his hometown. CALL ME MR. DRIVE 2 is a transportive experience—a fully realized, inviting collection of songs that aims to take its listeners to a tour of Shurkn Pap’s Himeji and feel right at home.




  1. Call Me Mr. Drive 2 (prod. Talen Ted)
  2. PICK UP (prod. Island State Music)
  3. MY HOOD (prod. DOPFunk)
  4. 向かうDOWNTOWN (prod. Talen Ted)
  5. RAINY (prod. DOPFunk)
  6. 摩耶 (prod. Talen Ted)
  7. 道の上はダンスフロア (prod. KNOTT & Blackanese Beats)
  8. ビルボードインマイカー (prod. Ice Cold)
  9. ドイツのベイビー (prod. Talen Ted)
  10. 走る喫茶店 (prod. Talen Ted)

Stream CALL ME MR. DRIVE 2 below: