Pinoy rapper CLR gets real in his latest single, “Panipi,” off his newly released 1001 EP. The Cebu native takes stock in his successful career so far, priding himself as a lyrical rapper through and through.

He also touched on letting his rap speak for him, no tricks necessary. “Pangalan ko’y bihirang mabanggit / ‘Di kailangan ng boost / May organic views / Ligal ang aking juice / Day 0 lang ang makakagets,” (My name’s rarely mentioned / No need for a boots / I’ve got organic views / My ‘juice’ is legal / Only Day 0s would get it), he raps. CLR has been candid about his story, sharing how rap afforded him opportunities to support his family and build a flourishing career in the local rap scene.

“Panipi” is the third and final single from his latest 3-track 1001 EP, which he released at the beginning of the year.



HipHopDX Asia’s 20 Best Songs Of 2021

CLR’s “Laya” (Free) was named one of HipHopDX Asia’s 20 best songs of 2021. Of the track, this writer wrote, “Unlike other started-from-the-bottom narratives, ‘Laya’ makes us feel we’re coming up with him. CLR’s happiness, as much as his success, is aspirational. ‘Sarap maging malaya / Lumilipad, nakangiti,’  (It’s so great to be free / Flying, smiling)—the contentment he gets from his freedom is the reason he truly is. ‘Sarap maging malaya / Kaya ako’y malaya,; (It’s great to be free / This is why I’m free),’ he raps. This man is just glad to be here.

Elsewhere on the list, he was also featured in producer Ochomil’s West Coast-inspired track, “D2,” alongside RHYNE, OMAR BALIW, and DROPPOUT.

Stream 1001 below: