VannDa is back!

After an exciting 2021 for the Cambodian hip hop superstar, VannDa released his latest single “Solo Again” on January 1. The track is a jazz- and retro-inspired departure from his previous trap-heavy and R&B releases.

“Well love is like a dark comedy / And you’re the lead actress who is too good at acting,” the artist raps in Cambodian over explosive trumpets in the background. The track’s lyricism follows the brutally honest confessions of a newly single person entering a new phase of their life: “I’m broken up ‘cuz I just broke up / Not holding your hand so I’m holding a glass of beer / So tonight imma find me a girlfriend.”

VannDa gained worldwide recognition last year after his record-breaking “Time To Rise” featuring Master Kong Nay became the most-watched music video by a Cambodian artist of all time, which also made HipHopDX Asia’s list of 20 Best Music Videos of 2021.

Watch the lyric video for “Solo Again” below:

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