After two years, CHANGMO is back!

South Korean rapper and producer CHANGMO returns with a brand-new music video for “Moraesigyae” (Hourglass), the lead single off his third album, Underground Rockstar.

The track highlights the artist’s versatility as he employs an easygoing R&B sound combined with orchestral arrangement, where he raps about his passionate love for a woman he longs for.

In the video, CHANGMO plays the role of a scorned lover who sneaks into an extravagant wedding as a pianist. Underneath the facade of opulence, the artist poisons the wedding guests and covers up his tracks by planting an explosive underneath his piano, leaving no survivors, including the bride whom he’s in love with.

Displaying masterful producing, writing, and vocal and rap stylings, the single renders a preview of the overall atmosphere and genre-bending soundscape crafted by CHANGMO in his new album.

The newly released 11-track Underground Rockstar includes features from 365LIT, Posadic, Ahn Dayoung, Jibin of Y2K92, LIL GIMCHI, Joe Layne, and Dut2.

Watch the music video below:

Stream Underground Rockstar below: