Korean-American hip hop superstar Jessi returns with a brand-new single and music video for “Cold Blooded.” Together with P NATION honcho PSY, the two co-wrote the collaborative track spotlighting the remaining six crews competing on Street Woman Fighter, South Korea’s first female dance crew survival show.

For the show’s semifinals, the remaining six crews were tasked with creating choreography for the single, while viewers were tasked with voting for their favorite teams by liking and sharing their videos online. The “Cold Blooded” music video features the winning choreography of YGX, who was handpicked by Jessi and PSY, as revealed in the latest episode, which premiered at the same time as the video.

Featuring powerful performances from each dance crew, the video is an ode to female empowerment and highlights Jessi’s signature charisma mixed with sensual choreography.

The track also showcases Jessi’s stylistic range, as the P NATION flagship artist expands her sonic palette, infusing electronic and trap music elements in her high-stake production from her earlier release this year, “What Type of X.”   

Watch the music video below: