Korean-American hip hop artist Dumbfoundead shared his thoughts on watching dubbed TV shows and films in his Fun With Dumb podcast.

In the “Who Would Survive Squid Game?” episode, the rapper told his co-hosts Rick Lee a.k.a. LYRICKS and Steffie Baik about his own experience of watching dubbed TV and film when he migrated to the US from Argentina as a child. “When I first came to America, I spoke Spanish only… And I remember watching the Spanish channel, Univision, and then Chucky was on, and I remember Chucky be like, “Me llamó Chucky!” and it was way more scarier in Spanish than in English.”

Dumbfoundead shared an English-dubbed clip of the Squid Game’s ‘Gganbu’ episode on Instagram. “Third slide is how wack Squid Game sounds when you watch it with dubs,” he wrote.



The three said they watched the hit Netflix series with the original Korean audio with subtitles on, although Baik said she “appreciated” how the English dubs were translated, which “made more sense” than having the dialogue translated in verbatim.

Elsewhere in the episode, the co-hosts poked fun at the VIP guests, which some viewers thought as the characters with the “worst lines and delivery,” with one Twitter user describing it as “badly dubbed anime.”

Another remarked about how the success of Squid Game reminded them of Parasite director Bong Joon-ho’s speech upon receiving the Golden Globe for Best Foreign-Language Film last year (which also went on to sweep Academy Award trophies later, including Best Director and Best Picture).

Squid Game is now streaming on Netflix.