During a series of #AskJayPark tweets earlier today (September 8), Jay Park revealed that signing new artists is not his main focus right now and that we may not see new additions to his two labels, H1GHR Music and AOMG, for the foreseeable future at least.

The Korean-American hip hop star also answered a fan question about potential upcoming solo music and said that he “definitely have A LOT” of unreleased work “in the stash” and promised that those might see the light of day “when it’s time.” He also added, “I’ve released like 500 songs in the past ten years. cut me some slack,” he joked.

Although he said that he’s “trying to make some HUGE plays in the next 5 years,” Park sure had been incredibly busy, working with fellow Korean artists and hopping on cross-country collaborations.

Jay Park has been hands-on with his labels’ projects, including the recent high-profile signings of GOT7’s Yugyeom and JAY B, as well as rapper JMIN just this year. He has also maintained a ubiquitous presence even without releasing standalone projects through numerous guest features and collaborative singles not just with members of his labels’ roster.

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In another tweet, Jay Park also showed appreciated for Dok2 (who now goes by Dok2Gonzo), whom he refers to as “an icon and a legendary figure in the Korean scene.” Asked if he still talks to Dok2Gonzo, Park said that he and the local hip hop scene “miss” the rapper, whom he collaborated with multiple times in the past (“Know Your Name,” “Most Hated”). Dok2Gonzo is currently based in the U.S. and released his comeback single, “CULTURE” in April.

When asked how he’s feeling today, Jay Park replied that he’s okay and he promised fans that there’s “gonna be a lot of shit happening this year thats gonna probably shock you guys.”

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