VannDa and Réjizz are set to perform this weekend at ASEAN Music Showcase Festival 2021 (AMS).

The Cambodian and Thai artists will be part of AMS’s 28-act showcase program on Saturday and Sunday (September 11-12), spotlighting artists from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Other performers include Cambodian soul-R&B singer-songwriter Sophia Kao, Malaysian electro-pop artist Shelhiel, Filipino live electronic music duo Tarsius, Thai soul-R&B singer-songwriter Alec Orachi, ethereal/ambient electronic duo Tiny Giant, disco synth-pop band Guernica Club, Singaporean indie-pop band Sobs, and more. The pre-recorded live performances will be broadcasted on the festival’s YouTube channel. The schedule will be shared in the coming days.

Taiwanese hip hop artist 呂士軒 Trout Fresh will be part of the partner showcase festival LUCfest’s lineup.

The festival kicks off tonight with week-long panel discussions delving into the following topics touring around Southeast Asia (September 6); identifying and differentiating consumer versus showcase festivals (September 7); dissecting case studies of successful ASEAN artists (September 8); the roles of independent and major music labels in today’s musical landscape (September 9); and a candid talk from AMS organizers themselves (September 10). The discussions will be streamed live via AMS’s Facebook page.

As a showcase festival untethered to conventional methods of traditional or consumer music festivals, it’s vital for AMS to match the right artists with the right kind of talent buyers. “Seeing it through my own experience, music conference and showcase festival delegates who are most active are the ones who energetically jump from venue to venue hoping to see as many bands as possible. So, for AMS we also try to select artists who have that same secret sauce but do not have to belong in the same genres,” shares co-organizer Piyapong ‘Py’ Muenprasertdee.

The final part of AMS 2021’s program takes place on Monday, September 13. The privately held virtual networking event aims to open doors for ASEAN artists to grow and expand their network. Delegates from the panel discussions and representatives from ASEAN-based Okhna Park, Berita Angkasa, Gelombang Maju Jaya, FFWD Records, Amity Asia,, Tala Records Asia, The Wknd, TONGTONG Asia, Raising The Bar, Island Records Philippines, Indie Manila, GNN Entertainment Productions, Melt Records, Where Are The Fruits, Pulse City, HipHopDX Asia, Baybeats/The Esplanade, Speakerbox, Cat Radio & Cat Expo, Big Mountain Music Festival, Maho Rasop Festival, Coracle Festival, Locally Trapped Wildlife, Hanoi Community Radio, and 1900 Le Théâtr, Dusted Recordings, and Gig Life Pro will join in the virtual networking event.

International delegation (specifically East Asia, Australasia, Europe, and North America) comprise of MusicDish 独立小炒, New Noise, Sound of the Xity, Inter Idoru, Music From Okinawa, BIG ROMANTIC RECORDS, Highjinkx/Beeline Records, Golden Melody Awards, Tron Music, Clockenflap, Victorian Music Development Office (VMDO), This Much Talent, Club Media, Achord Agency, Earth Beat, Live At Heart, Smallfish Artist Management Agency, SXSW, Small World Music / Global Toronto, Beat House, and Jaded Media LLC.

AMS is brought to you by Fungjai, NYLON Thailand, and Bangkok Music City from Thailand; The Rest Is Noise PHfrom the Philippines; Steady State Records from Singapore; SRM from Indonesia; City Roars Festival from Malaysia; Baramey Production from Cambodia; and Monsoon Music Festival and Swan Zoo from Vietnam.

Learn more about the festival here.

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