Indonesian hip hop artists Tuan Tigabelas and Sickness MP share “Budak” (Slave), the first single from their upcoming collaborative EP, Blunt Brothers. Premiered last night (September 1) via WestWew, the track was co-written by Tigabelas and Kamga and produced by Sickness MP.

In “Budak,” the two rappers gets analytical on being enslaved by the capitalist machine. Tigabelas raps, “Dimakan oleh ambisi, lalu jadi greedy, ternyata dia adalah diriku sendiri / Aku dirantai, pikiran dikuasai,Se-lalu mengejar tapi tidak pernah capai” (Eaten by ambition, then greedy, it turns out that he is myself / I’m chained, mind-controlled, always chasing but never reaching).

Tuan Tigabelas shared with HipHopDX Asia, “This song tells the story of a situation where human desire or ambition sometimes turns itself into a person that we can’t even recognize. Consumerism, prestige, and various toxics on social media sometimes become poisonous and get us infected, so we are busy comparing our lives with other people, or forcing ourselves to buy, or have something to be accepted by others, that is slave mentality. This song is a self-criticism that is packaged in general so that it can be accepted from various points of view.” He also shared that they collaborated with visual artist Crack for the EP.

The Blunt Brothers EP is out on October 13.

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Watch the hazy Tito Harijanto-helmed visual (featuring UratNadi-designed avatars) below:

Original reporting by Anisha Khemlani