South Korean rapper and singer-songwriter Penomeco finally released his double single, “Organic,” today (August 25). Simultaneously, he shared the music video for the first track, “Shy (eh o).”

The second track, “BOLO,” features iconic South Korean hip hop veteran YDG. Penomeco’s latest project sees him experimenting more with afro-pop, a marked difference from his debut album with P Nation, Dry Flower.

Released under Psy-Owned label P Nation, “Shy (eh o)” sees Penomeco vying for a lady’s attention. Penomeco poses against a white car in the dark-lit music video as the camera cuts away to shots of a woman dancing. The second track, “BOLO” follows equally addictive drums and is titled after the Nigerian slang word for ‘fool.’

The music video for “BOLO” is yet to be released but on August 22, P Nation shared a teaser via their social media channels.

“Organic” comes four months after Dry Flower. Penomeco made his musical debut in October 2014 with the single, “Right There” and released his first EP, Garden, four years later. In 2018, the singer won the Mnet TV music competition Breakers. In April 2020, Penomeco announced his record deal with P Nation. Aside from his solo endeavors, Penomeco is also known for his time with hip hop group Fanxy Child.

Penomeco Joins Psy’s P Nation Label, Releases ‘Dry Flower’ Album

Stream the double single in full here:

Original reporting by Anisha Khemlani