Thai hip hop collective Rap Against Dictatorship returns with a new track, “บประมาณ” (Budget), today, August 6.

Members HOCKHACKER, Zo9, Liberate P, Protozua, Dif Kids, G-Bear, EP$ON, T-1K, SKBB, Numba9, and 3Bone demand answers about the people’s taxes, rapping on the hook: “งบประมาณนั่นมันเงินพวกข้า” (That budget is our money). The track was produced by Chabow Beats.

The Skanbombomb-helmed video shows clips of vaccination lines, patients on hospital beds outside, and protests in Bangkok interspersed with government and military officials. In the video description, they wrote, “แด่ทุกความสูญเสียที่เกิดขึ้นจากการบริหารงานที่ผิดพลาดของรัฐบาล” (To all the losses caused by the mismanagement of the government).

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Rap Against Dictatorship’s 3Bone and UNME of Anarchy previously released “Ta Lu Fah” (Through the Sky) in June. Earlier this year, NMEreported that the group’s 2020 track, “Patiroop (Reform),” has been blocked on YouTube in Thailand. They posted on Facebook, “Our music video ‘Reform’ was ordered to be banned by the government, which notified YouTube to restrict access.” The music video is still available to stream outside Thailand.

Watch below: