Saran takes a brief break in Bali Hai Cape, the Pattaya-based pier he named “แหลมบาลีฮาย” after—his latest track with frequent collaborators 2T Flow and The Bests.

The Thai rapper has been extremely prolific this year, releasing new tracks on almost a weekly basis. A complete 180 from his usually drill-inspired singles, “แหลมบาลีฮาย” is softer, produced almost entirely with keys, with additional guitar and bass by WUTTICHAI.

Released on July 19, the track is Saran’s latest cut, following “MUENG A ( มึงอ่ะ )” (You) with VareeONE and P6ICK, which he put out exactly a week prior, July 12.

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In addition, Saran also announced on Instagram that his full discography—dating all the way back to 2018—is now available on streaming platforms via Rap Is Now.